Company information

Name of the company CycloChem Bio Co., Ltd.
President Kunihiro Terao

Tokyo Head Office
PMO-ShinNihonbashi 3F., 4-3-6, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
TEL: (03)-6262-1511 FAX: (03)-6262-1513

Kobe Head Office
7-4-5 Minamicho Minatoshima Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Japan 650-0047
TEL: (078)-302-7003 FAX: (078)-302-7734

Established May 17, 2000
Capital 50 millions yen
Description of business
  1. Development and sales of original products using Cyclodextrins
  2. Development and sales of original products of antibacterial refresher and cleansing agent
  3. Researching and development of Water / Soil / Ground Environment, using Cyclodextrins
  4. Researching regarding the resource recovery of waste and its industrialization
  5. Development and sales of natural form of plant growth agent using Cyclodextrins
  6. Manufacture and sales of quasi drugs and cosmetics
  7. Import and sale of products of Manuka Honey
Affiliated company (1) CycloChem Co., Ltd.
(2) cosana Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Head Office Map

Kobe Head Office Map