Recent research finding

No.2 The Potency of Cyclodextrin Function for Clarification of Pollution in the Air


To create the environment-friendly technology with cyclodextrin (CD) is a goal of our researches.

Recently we found the CD made in Japan included VOC 8-fold more than that made in US. This result shows that the air in Japan is more impure than that in US. Concurrently, it means the CD has a possibility to remove the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air.

We applied the CD function that capture the VOC to develop a simple air purification system.

We observed the effective eliminations of VOC and some bad odor (e.g. ammonia, methylmercaptane) by using of that purification system. This system will be able to also be used as air purifier and also air freshener with some fragrances for aromatherapy.