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No. 1 DHA & EPA succeeded in stabilization

DHA & EPA, the Gift from the Ocean need how health of modern people

At last, we succeeded in stabilizing DHA & EPA that include tunny's head!
To crush head into a fine powder, we can take in active constituent in a whole!

DHA & EPA, fresh oil have a key role in how fine health of modern people.
A lot of people know that DHA & EPA is good for baby's brain growth. But few people know that it's also effective for teenage children, pregnant, be worry about high blood and cholesterol such men, be worry about menopausal syndrome such women, keeping brain function enderly people and improvement. In short, DHA & EPA have a key role for all modern people greatly.
Healthbar that include DHA is introduced by cyclodextrin industry world in supplenote.
As indicated PUFA, unsaturated fatty acid of DHA et al per be have stabilized.

1:2 PUFA triglyceride / α-CD complex