Recent research finding

No.5 alpha-Cyclodextrin Selectively Increases Fecal Excretion Of Saturated Fats


Study Design

Male Wistar rats, 125-150 g in initial weight, 10 per group, were fed one of four diets upon arrival. All diets contained 15% fat by weight.

Experimental diets

  • Basal: AIN-93G diet <negative control>
  • Chitosan: AIN-93G diet containing 5% chitosan <positive control>
  • alpha-Cyclodext(ACD): AIN-93G diet containing 5% α-CD , adding in the free form
  • Complexed ACD: AIN-93G diet containing 5% α-CD , mixed with part of the dietary fat prior to incorporation into the diet

Rats were fed their respective diets for 7 days. The animals were fasted overnight, and presented with a 5 g meal of their respective diets containing 14C-triolein and 3H-tripalmitin incorporated into the lipid. A fecal collection was begun 4 hours later, and continued until the animals were taken. 12 hours later, animals were killed and individual sections of the intestinal tract removed. Contents of the stomach, small intestine, cecum, and colon were collected, dried, and radioactivity counted.



Chitosan and complexed α-CD increase unsaturated and saturated fat excretion , as determined by excretion of radiolabel derived from triolein and tripalmitin.
α-CD , either added in free form , or mixed with fat prior to incorporation into the diet , causes a preferential excretion of saturated fat , as indicated by the higher ratio of radiolabel derived from tripalmitin relative to triolein.