Recent research finding

No.7 Formation of CoQ10 Reduced Form by Mixing CoQ10 Oxidized Form γcyclodextrin Complex and Vitamin C in Powder


Vitamine C ( L-Ascorbic acid ) has many pharmacological effects, and contributes CoQ10 to play much better by became reduction of CoQ10 in the body.
Below figures showed increasing of CoQ10 Reduced Form Ratio during Storage at 60oC, 75%RH for CoQ10 or CoQ10-γ cyclodextrin ( CoQ10-γCD ).
CoQ10, and VC were weighed so that their ratio was either 1 : 0, 1 : 5, 1 : 10, 1 : 25, or 1 : 50. The CoQ10-γCD inclusion complex was also weighed and physically mixed with VC in the same manner at the same ratio.

Increase of CoQ10 Reduced Form Ratio during Storage at 60℃, 75%RH

The conversion ratio is significantly higher in the CoQ10-γCD inclusion complex than in non-complexed CoQ10, and the ratio gets higher with increasing amounts of VC.
CoQ10 reduced form ratio is a large increase in CoQ10-γCD, regardless of the compounding ratio.
On the other hand, the non-complexed CoQ10 is tended to reduce the CoQ10 reduced form ratio after 60 days.