Recent research finding

No.8 Improvement of Antioxidant activity by using astaxanthin γCD complex


Astaxanthin(Ax) is an antioxidant and it protect human from oxidative stress such as UV damage or lipid peroxidation.

Ax-γCD complex has much more antioxidant activity than and Ax behave by itself.

The graph above shows that oxidant activity of the sample; Tocopherol(VE), Ax, Ax-γCD complex. Ax + VE mixture and Ax-γCD complex + VE mixture. The smaller total use of antioxidant weight (Ax and VE μg) to scavenge 0.1μmol of DPPH radical is, the larger antioxidant activity has. Ax-γCD complex + VE mixture is the best and it shows much more antioxidant activity than Ax only.