Recent research finding

No.9 Improvement of the Bone Density by Intake of CoQ10-γCD Complex


Is the Bone Density Improved by Intake of Combination CoQ10 tablet and Ca tablet?

Case Study

CoQ10 tablet (CoQ10-γCD complex) and Ca tablet (calcium, collagen peptide) were prescribed for 4 patients (elderly, low bone density, doubt osteoporosis) every day, and their change of bone density was measured.

It was known that the bone density isn't improved by intake of only Ca tablet very much, so we focused attention on effect of CoQ10-γCD complex for the improvement of bone density in this study.

Two Kinds of Tablets Used in This Study

Tablet which combined Vitamin C and CoQ10-γCD complex
(CoQ10 tablet : 6 tablets / 1 day)

Material Amount
in a Tablet
Vitamin C 28.3 mg
Soy Been Extract 12.9 mg
CoQ10-γCD Complex 25 mg
B-Complex Vitamins 1.3 mg
Others Excipient 132.5 mg
Total 200 mg

Tablet which combined Calcium and Collagen Peptide
(Ca tablet : 7 tablets / 1 day)

Material Amount
in a Tablet
Fish Collagen 143 mg
Coral Calcium 179 mg
Vitamin D3 0.3 ug
Vitamin K2 3.6 ug
Others Excipient 653 mg
Total 975 mg
Coral Calcium : (Ca : Mg) = 2 : 1
Others Excipient --- Oligosaccharide (429mg), αCD (37mg)

Change of the Bone Density (Ratio for Average in the Same Year)


It was established that improvement of the bone density by intake of CoQ10-γCD Complex.

In addition, its effect was increased by using combination Ca and collagen peptide in CoQ10-γCD Complex.

On the other hand, some one's bone density was decreased for intake about 3 months.

However, the bone density was increased to average in the same year for all patients 6 months later.