Recent research finding

No.11 Effect of Manuka haney ② <Decrease of Halitosis by Intake>


Mechanism of Halitosis origination

Since manuka honey shows strong antibacterial activity against periodontal disease causing bacteria, its contribution to halitosis decrease can be measured.

Evaluation instruments for halitosis

Halitosis decrease effect by taking Manuka honey

Comparison of halitosis decrease effect between Manuka honey and Acacia honey

Manuka honey showed higher halitosis decrease effect than Acacia honey.

Halitosis decreasing effect by Manuka honey containing candy

Comparison of halitosis decreasing effect by Manuka honey containing candy with that by products available on Japanese market

Manuka honey containing candy showed higher halitosis decreasing effect than other similar function products.

Mechanism of Decreasing Halitosis by Intake of Manuka Honey

MGO is an unique ingredient included in Manuka honey and it is concerning with its high antibacterial activity.
→ There is the strong correlation between MGO level in honey and the antibacterial activity.
→ Therefore Manuka honey has higher effect of decreasing halitosis than Acacia honey.
→ Manuka honey products give you high performance for reduction of halitosis.