Recent research finding

No.13 Stabilization of 10-Hydroxydecenoic acid by use of Cyclodextrin



Royal jelly is produced by honey bees. Since royal jelly contains variety of amino acids and vitamins, it has been widely used in health foods field and its consumption has been getting bigger in Japan.

10-Hydroxydecenoic acid (10-HDA) is unique compound in royal jelly, but this is not stable and easy to decompose by heat, light, oxygen and metals.

In this study, we focused on its stability improvement by the complexation with cyclodextrins (CDs). We found that 10-HDA gamma CD complex has the highest stability against heat and humidity.

Stability test of 10-HDA

More than 90% of 10-HDA in the gamma CD complex was remained stably after 15 days.

Stability test of 10-HDA with Glycin

10-HDA in the gamma CD complex was remained stably even coexistence with Glycin as a model compound of amino acid.

Browning Prevention of 10-HDA by γCD

Browning of 10-HDA was prevented by the complexation by gamma CD.