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No.24 Studies on the Industrial Production of Monochlorotriazinyl-β-cyclodextrin and its Fixation to Textile Fibers



An economical, high cost is needed in the removal process of the sodium chloride salt of the sub-reaction product caused when MCT-β-CD is manufactured.
This influences prices of manufactured goods and a big obstruction of industrial usage development.

MCT-β-CD・NaCl that omits the removal process of the sodium chloride salt is developed.
(The sodium chloride salt of about 22% is contained.)

It had comparative study of commercially available MCT-β-CD, stability, and the reactivity. It reports on the details.


Monochlorotriazino beta cyclodextrin
Product name : CAVASOL W7 MCT

MCT-β-CD・NaCl Low-cost One-Pot synthesis

As for three chloro parts (Cl) of the cyanuric chloride, the place that separates by the temperature is different.
It reacted sequentially by using this character , and MCT-β-CD・NaCl that left one Cl of the MCT group was synthesized.
Cl that remains in the MCT group covalently-immobilizes OH group of the cotton carrier fiber.

Safety of commercially available MCT-β-CD

Test System Result
Acute Toxicity, oral
(OECD/TG No. 401)
rat LD50 > 2000 mg/kg
Primary skin irritation
(OECD/TG No. 404)
rabbit not irritating
Skin sensibilisation
(OECD/TG No. 406)
guinea pig not sensitising
(OECD/TG No. 471)
Salmonella typhimurium not mutagenic

As for MCT-β-CD・NaCl , similar safety is seen.

MCT-β-CD・NaCl quality and generic property

MCT-β-CD・NaCl Fixation method to cotton carrier fiber

MCT-β-CD・NaCl Fixation rate evaluation to cotton carrier fiber

MCT-β-CD・NaCl pH change after one year manufacturing

MCT-β-CD・NaCl A change with the lapse of time of pH of high humidity

MCT-β-CD・NaCl Clinging rate evaluation by each pH


As for the fixation rate to a cotton carrier fiber that was MCT-β-CD・NaCl and commercially available MCT-β-CD it, it was an equal.
HCl separates when MCT-β-CD・NaCl is preserved in "There are neither a temperature nor a humidity control".
It is thought that the resolution is promoted by this and the pH decreases.
  When the pH is low, the a fixation rate to the cotton carrier fiber falls.
It is thought that this shows the degradation level of the quality.
The examination that adds the additive (ex. sodium bicarbonate) is scheduled to be done as a method of improving the storage stability of MCT-β-CD・NaCl.