Recent research finding

No.27 The Stabilization of Antioxidants by Complexation with Cyclodextrins


Ingesting of antioxidant as supplement is important for removing of reactive oxygen species which cause skin aging and some lifestyle diseases.



Polyphenol compounds are typical antioxidants. Oxidized polyphenol can react with nucleophile irreversibly. And the reaction product has a possibility of loss of it's original functions.

(R. Yoruk, et al., J. Food Biochem, 2003, 27, 361-422.)

In this work

The stabilization of tert-butylquinone (TBQ) as a model compound of oxidized polyphenol with cyclodextrin(CDs) was explored.


Rate constant for the unfavorable reaction of oxidized polyphenol (quinone) and nucleophile (glycine)

→  CD can inhibit the unfavorable reaction of TBQ and glycine by formation of inclusion complex.


CDs could stabilize TBQ by formation of inclusion complex.

*rate of unfavorable reaction
withoutCD > αCD = βCD > γCD

This study indicated that a new general possibility of CD function. CDs show inhibitory effect to unfavorable reaction by inclusion of quinone (←polyphenol) compounds.