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No.29 Enhancement Effect on DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity of Astaxanthin-γCD Complex by the Addition of Vitamin E


○Yukiko UEKAJI1, Naoko IKUTA1, Daisuke NAKATA1, Keiji TERAO1, 2
1CycloChem Co., Ltd. 2Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

27th Cyclodextrin Symposium 2010.09.06-07


Astaxanthin (AX) is a powerful antioxidant useful as an anti-aging agent. However, it is unstable after isolation in the presence of oxygen. We, therefore, previously reported the effective stabilization of AX by complexation with γCD in combination with vitamin E (VE).
In this study, the enhancing effects of 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity of AX and VE by the complexation of γCD were investigated. The activity of the mixture of both AX and VE complexes was found to be three fold higher than that of the non-complexed mixture.

Astaxanthin Oil Extract

H.Pluvialis induces encystment (carotogenesis), during which the cells produce high levels of astaxanthin as a protective mechanism against the environmental stress. The cells, with their high concentrations of astaxanthin, are then harvested.
As promoted proliferation of Astaxanthin, the cells are changed from green to red. Commercially as a natural source, astaxanthin is extracted from this encystment.

Distribution of Astaxanthin

Classification Organism Region
Craniate Ornis Flamingo, Western Capercaillie Feather
Amphibia Cynops Pyrrhogaster Abdominal Epidermis
Pisces Cyprinidae, Pagrus Major Epidermis
Salmonidae Muscle, Egg
Invertebrata Crustacea, Echinodermata Body Surface
Univalve Shell Egg
Plant (Terrestrial) Anemone (Adonis annua) Leaf
Plant (Algae) Haematococcus PluvialisEuglena Heliorubescens Cell
Yeast Phaffia Rhodozyma
Bacteria Agrobacterium AurantiacumParacoccus Marcusii

Takedashiki Co., Ltd. HP

Antioxidant Activity of Astaxanthin

Singlet Oxygen Scavenging Activity

Compound Rate Constants
Astaxanthin 5.4
β-Carotene 1.1
Vitamin E 0.049
Vitamin C 0.00089

Solvent:DMF/CDCl3 (9 : 1)

Astaxanthin acts as antioxidant across cell membrane with the inclusion of hydrophilic and hydrophobic, so it's a more powerful antioxidant than other compounds.

Kazunaga Yazawa, et. al.,

Applications of Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is recently the most remarkable carotenoid, and its applications aren't only fishing and animal industry but also human health foods and cosmetics.

DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity

The Actibity was Enhanced by Complexation with γCD !

* [ ] : Compound Treated by Complexation

Synergy Effect by Complexation with γCD in the Activity

The activity of the mixture of both astaxanthin and vitamin E complexes was found to be three fold higher than that of the non-complexed mixture.

* [ ] : Compound Treated by Complexation