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Research findings
Research findings

No. 30 Functinal Food Materils γ-CD as Majour Player


Among cyclodextrins (CDs) which are cyclic oligosaccarides, α-CD, β-CD and γ-CD are commercially available and used in Food field. Outside of cavity of CD is hydrophilic and inside is lipophilic. Based on this unique properties, CDs can include other molecule inside of cavity and make the guest molecule improve its property. Therefore, CDs has been used as supporting aides for majour player (included guest molecules).
Alpha CD and β-CD can't be decomposed by enzyme very well, but γ-CD can be. On the other hand, its decomposition speed is lower than taking the same amount of sucrose. This means γ-CD can work as materials which can release glucose slowly. We focused on this property of γ-CD, endurance enhancement effect of γ-CD was researched by evaluations of maximum swimming time of mice.

Cyclodextrin (CD) ?

Slow release of Gulcose by γ-CD

Decomposition of saccharides by amylase

Mice Swimming test


Mice : Std. ddY, 6 weeks, BW35-40g, ♂
Dose : 500mg/kgBW
Conditions : Flow (7L/min), Speed (19-20cm/sec), Temp (32℃)

Comparison of swimming time between glucose & γ-CD


  • Decomposition speed of γ-CD by α-amylase from pancreas (pigs) is slower than maltooctaose which has same number of glucose as γ-CD.
  • Maximum swimming time of mice was prolonged by administration of γ-CD.

γ-CD itself can work as functinal food materials.