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Research findings
Research findings

No. 41 Effect of manuka honey ③ <antioxidative activity>

Fig. 1. Volatiles in Manuka honey

38 kinds of volatiles were detected in Manuka honey by means of GC-MS analysis.
The most common component was methylsyringate which has anti-oxidative activity.

E-Journal of Chemistry, 2010, 7(S1), S7-S14

Fig. 2. Contents of methyl syringate in various honeys

The highest content of methyl syringate was detected from Manuka honey in eight kinds of honeys.

Antioxidative capacity of honey (DPPH radical scavenging activity)


Fig. 3. Antioxidative capacity (DPPH radical scavenging activity)


DPPH radical scavenging activity : Manuka > Lime > Orange > Chesnut > Acacia > Mandarin orange > Renge = Haze


  • Manuka honey has large amount of methyl syringate as a antioxidant.
  • Manuka honey shows the highest antioxidative capacity of eight evaluated honeys.
  • Manuka honey could be utilized for enhancing of our health with its unique combination of methyl glyoxal (MGO) as antibacterial agent and methyl syringate as antioxidant.