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No.63 Stabilization of Pungent Principle of Daikon (White Radish) by Cyclodextrin ②


*This research was reported in 30th Cyclodextrin Symposium (Kumamoto, Sep. 12~13, 2013).


White radish having pungent principle is preferred as a condiment in Japan.
MTBI, a pungent principle of white radish has some beneficial functions such as antimicrobial effect. However, MTBI is very unstable. Rapid degradation of MTBI causes unfavorable quality problems for processed foods containing white radish like loss of pungent taste, color change and sulfurous smell.

Our company has emerging technologies in functional food and personal care fields which raises the water solubility, stability and bioavailability of functional ingredients by using the inclusion property of cyclodextrin (CD).
We previously reported about stabilization of MTBI by complexation with CD (* please refer to the newest result of research "62th" of our homepage for details.).

→In this study, stabilization of not MTBI as a pure form but MTBI in grated white radish by complexation with CD was explored.

Pungent principle of Daikon

Antimicrobial effect
Antioxidant effect
Anticancer effect
Anti-atherosclerosis effect

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<Experiment 1> Effect of CD on stability of MTBI in grated white radish.

<Result Fig1>

Stability of MTBI in grated white radish was enhanced by CD inclusion.
αCD was most effective stabilizer for MTBI.

<Experiment 2> Effect of αCD on stability of MTBI in grated white radish during freeze drying.

<Result Fig2> Relative amount of MTBI in grated white radish after freeze drying.

Degradation of MTBI in grated white radish was prevented byαCD during freeze drying.

Instant grated white radish
Freeze dried grated white radish was soaked with water to be restored to original state.

There is hardly any difference in the texture, taste and pungency in comparison with grated white radish before freeze drying.


  • Stabilities of MTBI in grated white radish was enhanced by complexation with αCD.
  • Preparation of freeze dried grated white radish containing high amount of MTBI was succeeded by αCD inclusion.

⇒αCD could be a potent stabilizer of MTBI of white radish for the developments of new processed foods containing white radish.