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No.72 Extension of the solubilization method of hydrophobic ingredients-γ-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes_②



Our company has attract attention technologies in functional food and personal care fields which raises the water solubility, stability and bioavailability of functional ingredients by using the inclusion property of cyclodextrin (CD).

Recently, we have developed a method that could prepare aqueous solutions of highly hydrophobic ingredients such as CoQ10 and curcumin from its CD inclusion complexes by combination with some surfactants. These results have been widely applied in functional health foods and cosmetics (* please refer to the newest result of research "25th", "32th" and "52th" of our homepage for details).

In this report, we explored a new combination of surfactants and CoQ10-γCD for further extension of our solubilization method.

Surfactants: glycerol esters of fatty acids

Glycerol esters of fatty acids are surfactants and generally used as food additives.
Polyglycerol esters of lauric acid and myristic acid which have high HLB values were used in this study.

* HLB value: Hydrophile - Lipophile Balance.


10mL of aqueous polyglycerol fatty acid ester solution (2wt%) was added to a glass vial and heated at 70℃. 25mg of CoQ10-γCD complex powder was gradually added and stirred for 20 minutes at 70℃.


<Fig 1>

CoQ10-γCD was partially solubilized by using of polyglycerol ester of myristic acid.
On the other hand, CoQ10-γCD was perfectly solubilized by using of polyglycerol ester of lauric acid.
On the other hand, this solubilization by polyglycerol ester of lauric acid was not achieved in the case of CoQ10 without γCD.


In the present study, a common surfactant polyglycerol ester of lauric acid can be applied for solubilization of CoQ10-γCD.

Our solubilization technology has high generality.
This technology can be useful for the developments of healthy drinks with high bioavailability.